Mr. Ewi


DESIGNATED ROLE: Teacher of Science

EDUCATION:  HND in Applied Chemistry, PGD in Management, PGD in Education.

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY:  Mr Ewi has a degree in Science Technology (Applied Chemistry option) from Ado-Ekiti. He completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Management at the Lagos State University. He also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Usman Dan Fodio University (NTI)
He has been teaching Science and related subjects in top international schools for the past twelve years in Nigeria. He taught Integrated Science, Agricultural Science and Chemistry at Dowen College Lagos. At Greensprings School Lekki Campus, he was a teacher of Science and Chemistry, form tutor and subject head before joining BIS
Mr Ewi is a good motivator and a team player. He is happily married with children.