As a member of the UK’s Boarding Schools’ Association and of COBIS, we provide an international standard of pastoral care. 

BIS provides a range of boarding options:
Full boarding
Flexible boarding with Sunday evening to Friday afternoon in the boarding house and weekends with families at home
Personalised boarding arrangements for short stay periods when families need this support (dependent on bed availability).

We also offer a secure and supervised airport to/from school transfer service.

The boarding houses at BIS provide a homely environment and atmosphere for our boarders. Each house comprises: 

- Small personalised bedrooms with a maximum of four boarders per room
- Sixth formers will have a maximum of two per room with the school aiming to provide individual bedrooms 
- A focussed study and prep area
- Access to a range of recreational facilities. .  
- Air-conditioning in all rooms
- Modern shower and toilet facilities 
- Daily access to direct contact with their families 
- Smoke alarms, fire alarms, fire blankets, fire hoses and a fire exit at every level
- Security guard.

We guarantee a staff:student ratio of under 1:10, with each boarder allocated a personal tutor. Each house has a Senior House Parent and a team of Assistant House Parents. 

There are 3 qualified nurses within the Assistant House Parent team who provide 24 hour nursing care, which is supported by a direct link to a hospital. The Head of Boarding is responsible for the day to day co-ordination of the boarders, the staff and their houses. 

In addition to the Monday to Friday co-curricular programme in the school, there is a weekend activity programme that includes sport, excursions, motivating lectures and debates, skill development, social occasions and a range of other activities. Food is a big part of living away from home and our catering team offer both Nigerian and continental meals on the menu. 

All meals are provided in Jarusato on the main school campus.

The ‘Boarder Voice’ is an important part of being heard on how to improve the boarding experience. Food, accommodation, activities, bathrooms are all evaluated regularly with issues being addressed promptly by the school.