BIS Houses

Dear Parents,
When your children return to school there will be a slight change to the way things are organised for them. This change will not affect the running of the academic programme but we believe will have a positive effect on the school as a whole.
From this September students will be registered in house groups that contain students from each year group. After registration they will return to their Year Groups for their academic studies.
Thus, a student in say 7B and Ruby House will have all his or her lessons with the 7B class group, but will register with one of the Ruby House groups.
This change will help us strengthen the school's house system and provide greater support for younger students. Within each tutor group older students will increasingly take on the roles of mentors for younger students. Increasingly schools and universities are expecting students applying for places to have evidence of taking on social roles within their schools.  
This method of mixing students by house has been tried and tested in many schools and has provided far greater support for younger students and far more opportunities for older students to display their leadership qualities.
If you have any questions about this change or any other school issues please do not hesitate to contact the school.
With best wishes

Peter Yates