BIS Student Council Fundraising Football tournament

On Saturday 8th February, over 100 BIS students participated and supported the Student Council Fundraising Football Tournament organised by Oluwatosin Akinwunmi Year 11 and Olugbenga Adeyinka Year 10.

The event kicked off at 9.30am with the support of the PE Team, Kingsley (Mr Yates' PA) and the school medical team.  

The students played in 2 leagues - 4 boys teams and 4 girls teams. The tournament was set up as a pool event which meant that the teams were always playing. Each team played the three other teams to determine who were the winning girls team and the winning boys team. 

The girls showed good teamwork and fair play throughout their matches and the boys their enthusiasm and commitment. 

Throughout the event a commentary of events was provided by a number of students to ensure that everyone was aware of what was going on. A great time was had by all. 

The best players of the day included: 
Boys - Rasaq Olugbode, Deinde Johnson, Oluwatofarati Eso, Olagoke Tegbe, Daniel Biu, Emuvoke Agoda, Joseph Badmus and Olugbenga Adeyinka. 
Girls - Ariel Bru, Ezinne Aniakor, Fatima Makama, Olaedu Okafor, Ehionmen Oko-Oboh, Maria Arismendi,

Highlights from the boys league.
In a tight run competition Joseph Badmus scored a dramatic winner to ensure that his team won the tournament.
Oluwatofarati Eso scored a superb free kick. He stepped up to the ball, paused for a moment before gently kicking the ball which spun into the top corner of the goal. 

Highlights from the girls league.
Ezinne Aniakor came out of nowhere to score against the winning team in their last match to make it a draw and prevent the winning team from making it a whitewash. 

Thanks goes to the PTA who provided Pizza, donuts and apples.

In total approximately 100,000 Naira was raised on the day. Well done to all who took part. 

Click here to see photos of the event.