BIS News Update: Monday 10th February 2014

Our thanks go to all Year 10 and Year 11 parents who took time out of their busy schedules to meet with members of staff last Friday to discuss the Mock Examinations and the entries for the upcoming IGCSE examinations. If you were unable to meet with any tutors please feel free to make appointments via the the Registrar's Office. We also be very grateful if all forms and documents required for entries are returned to Mr Baker by the deadlines. May we once again remind all of the necessity to ensure all names are correctly spelled on entry forms. Late entries and changes with CIE are very expensive operations and best avoided if at all possible.

These examinations are now in sight and it vital students are given every support in the final push, however it remains very much in their hands now. There is no magic formula for success it's simply a matter of hard work. Advice given to me well over forty years ago still stands true, 3 hours a night, five nights a week as absolute minimum. A little sacrifice now will reap huge rewards.

Those students who attended the talk given by representatives of Queen Mary's University of London heard the importance of achieving good IGCSE grades which are looked at very carefully by university entrance committees. In addition to general advice Dr Cunan spoke about access to one of the top universities that makes up the University of London.

The Registrar's Office has been very busy in recent weeks providing references for students moving on to new schools all around the world. In  the last week our students have secured scholarships at Ridley in Canada and one student has secured a place at Winchester in the United Kingdom. We will give a full breakdown of where our departing students are heading to later in the term.

At the other end of the school we are very pleased with the uptake of places for the 2014-2015 academic year. On Saturday a group of students from Discovery House sat entry tests. Earlier in the week we were represented at the Edumark Exhibition at the Oriental Hotel which generated quite a lot of interest in the school.

Also on Thursday a group of Year 10 Historians attended a lecture at the Muson Centre presented by the Nigeria British Association entitled from Protectorate to Partnership. One of the main speakers, the British Deputy High Commissioner Mr Peter Carter, was very impressed by the questions our students presented. A mark of their impact being the very positive comments made about BIS students by the chair of the Nigeria British Association at a reception held on Thursday Evening.

With the support of Mr Van Dijck and the PE department, the Student Council and PTA ran a soccer tournament on school on Saturday. Four boys teams and four girls teams involving well over one hundred children, played a series of games which were highly competitive and greatly enjoyed by all. Funds raised through this event will be donated to charity. Our Student Council is currently looking at which charities they are going to focus on this year. Last term they made several large donations to cancer charities and are now looking at other projects.

In the coming week we have numerous St Valentine's Day Events. The seniors Ball and a disco for the younger students after a Mufti day on Friday.