BIS AISEN Dance Competition report

BIS AISEN Dance Competition report by Sinmiloluwa Adepoju Class 9S

The representatives from each school went for the ballot. Freda BIS's representative had a good hand and picked 4th. We were glad.

First up was Rainbow college's exciting performance including break dancing, solos, and a bit of salsa. It was good. Up next was Whitewood. They also had a good performance but they wasted too much time which affected them in later stages. Edgewood performed and we were next to dance. 

The adrenalin we felt, our blood pressures almost not stable, people began to panic but Mr Thompson our dance instructor came to the rescue with words of wisdom and encouragement. After the pep-talk we went back stage to get ready. Edgewood had finished and our song started. We got on stage and began to do what we were asked to do. We were superb in my point of view.

Result time! I couldn't but get the feeling that we might come 2nd or 1st. My confidence wasn't stable at that time after reminiscing the other dances; i panicked. 

The announcer tried to stall the results but we got annoyed and just wanted him to spill it out.  First up was primary schools. CIS came 3rd, Greenwood 2nd and Meadowhall 1st. Their celebrations were WOW, children started to break dance, split, back-flip, do stunts etc. While their partners at the end of the line were crying, trying to put themselves together but it was to no avail. If i was in their situation i would've cried too.

Time for the main attraction; the secondary school section. I wanted to die of suspense but i thought if i killed myself i still won't know the results so i stayed put, i calmed down and relaxed.

5th place was Whitewood! We were all relieved for that moment cause we weren't last. 
4th place Edgewood! I was a little bit cheerful cause at this point we made it to the top 3. 
3rd place Grange! We were at a standstill because we knew that if our name was 2nd. We tried and all but we didn't fulfill what we wanted to do. Mr Thompson said that if we come first, all of us shouldn't shout and make noise; We should bow our heads with class and respect. 

It was down to us and Rainbow College. Who do you think won? Try and guess, if you can't i can give you a clue; it wasn't Rainbow College!! It was BIS!!! 

When they announced it we didn't even care about bowing we jumped up and started screaming. Wow! My first competitive victory in BIS. I felt so proud of myself, my fellow dancers, my instructors and most of all the team. I had a fantastic day. One trophy down many more to come.