BIS Yr8 Students see Macbeth at the Muson Centre

My Trip to the Muson Centre to see Macbeth by Freda Ovah, Class - 8I

It started with three witches. They carried sticks, wore masks and a blue robe. They sang on stage in a devilish way catching us all by surprise. Throughout the play, there was never a dull moment. Lady Macbeth was so funny. The guards and army never relented on giving us a good show. There were so many techniques used during the play that we were taught in Drama class. Still pictures, monologue, narration and thoughts. The interesting characters were Lady Macbeth and Banquo. It was all fascinating. 

The trip was an eye opener for my practical exam. It made me understand what to do since we were using the same text 'Macbeth'. It helped build our knowledge and it was also an advantage because we got to see an English play performed by Nigerians in a Nigerian way and the extent they sang Yoruba songs and incantations, it was all so enthralling. 

Thank you Mr Yates and BIS for this privilege.