BIS Students attend Environmental conference

'Building Future Environmental Leaders' our Experience by Oluwaseunfunmi Onalaja, Year 10S

As we headed for the Four Points Hotel, all neat and crisp in our green blazers, we were excited beyond words. 

The eight of us; Ayodeji Martins, Olugbenga Adeyinka, Mehak Dahiya, Sai Gargi Nemani, Ekomobong Akpabio along with our teacher Mrs. Ososanya and myself, found it a great privilege to have been chosen to represent the school at a public function. 

We arrived at the Four Points Hotel early, and we were directed into the hall in which the seminar was to be held. Once we were seated, we took some time to absorb everything around us. That was when we realized we were the only international school there. The Methodist Boy's school was there, as well as Crescent School and two other governmental colleges from Victoria Island. 

The speaker stared it off by playing a short video clip on safety, then he went on by telling us a bit about the environment and how it is in danger because of the various activities human beings carry out. He showed us a few pictures and gave practical examples in order to illustrate this further. He also stated that human beings collect from the environment in order to supply their various means of making money, but fail to give back to the environment. 

The future of the environment depends on us, and one act can make a difference, be it planting a tree or simply recycling. He urged us to be 'future champions' by spreading the word and encouraging people to be more conscious of the environment. He advised us to purchased energy saving objects and devices and practise the art of Recycling, Reusing and Reducing. 

The talk was absolutely motivating and we were all captivated by the words of the speaker. One thing is certain, we all left, respecting our environment a little bit more.