BIS & CS DON host Boys Charity Run

On Friday 16th November Senior and Junior boys participated in a Interhouse cross country charity run to raise money and awareness for the Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria. 

The students assembled after lunch to attempt the one mile course around the school grounds. They all did well and finished the race successfully. Well done Boys! 

After the race the boys participated in a talk to raise awareness of men's health. 

The results of the race are as follows:

Senior House Champions - Sapphire

Senior Boys Champion - Razaq Olugbode

1st in House -      Topaz - Razaq Olugbode
   Jade  - Olugbenga Adeyinka
                    Ruby - Eghe Ezekiel
                    Sapphire - Ayoola Etiko

Junior House Champions - Jade

Junior Boys Champion - Chike Onyia

1st in House  - Jade - Chike Onyia
                     Ruby - Perpetus Ekwueme
                     Sapphire - Eric Ebimami
                     Topaz - Anjola Omotoba