BIS Principal's News Update: 1st June 2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school for the last part of the 2014-2015 academic year which promises to be a very busy half term. The IGCSE examinations continue for another two weeks and I am sure our Year 11 class is looking forward to the Leavers' Ball to be held on Saturday 13th June when their examinations are finished. Results of these examinations  will be released in August just before the students involved head off into the next stage of their education

With the approach to the end of the school year can I thank all those parents who have ensured all school fees are paid and up to date and ask those with outstanding amounts to settle their accounts as soon possible. One of the least pleasant parts of my role at BIS is the chasing of late fee etc. our fees remain the schools only source of income and it is very difficult to run this operation unless they are paid. I do apologise for bringing up this issue but it one that has to faced, again thanks to all who have covered their obligation.

Closer to home BIS internal examinations will start on Monday 15th June, the actual examination timetable will be released in the next week or so. May we remind all concerned that BIS examinations are conducted as per CIE rules and cannot therefore be postponed or taken at different times. Students missing these examinations will not have the opportunity to sit them at later date and will have their exam mark recorded as an absence on their reports. They will of course still have reports and marks based on their regular school work.

Thus in the next few weeks a good deal of revision will be taking place in preparation for the exams. Of equal importance is the follow up of the examination work once they have been completed. Although the exams will give us a summative mark reflecting a students grasp of the topics covered this year they are also a very important formative assessment that will show us the relative strengths and weaknesses students will need to work on before the  IGCSE exams which are purely summative.

Following the examinations a number of school events will take place including Activities Week, Maths and Science Days and the annual Duke of Edinburgh's expedition to the United Kingdom. Many of these activities although different from regular class work have very serious learning intentions and are integral parts of the school curriculum. Precise details of all the events will be published after the completion of the examinations.

On a much lighter note the school will hold its now annual 'Variety Show', on Saturday 20th June. Run with the support of our vibrant PTA this promises to be an event much anticipated by our students many of whom have 'stars in their eyes' . We can't promise recording contracts and access to Nigeria's Got Talent or even an interview with Simon Cowell but it could be the first step to stardom.

Progress on the pool continues as we are now in the tiling stage, alas it looks as though it will not be ready by the end of this term but it should certainly be open by the start of the next school year.

On Saturday June 6th the school will host the inaugural Akintola Williams' Youth debate     in conjunction with the Nigeria Britain Association. Our Year 10 students will join students from a number of other schools to debate the issue. 'Nigeria where do we go from here'. During the day students will have the opportunity to talk to various dignitaries and members of the business community before having the opportunity to formulate a number of policies to be implemented if they were appointed President of Nigeria for one week. What would they do to make the biggest impact on this country if they held the reins of power for just one week. They are the future of this country and will face many challenges a they become the leaders in all fields in the coming years. The school motto is for a better tomorrow and our students will have very real opportunities to impact on the lives of 200 million plus people in the coming decades. Having worked with many of them I have real hope for the future.

A number of parents have quite rightly asked who will be replacing me at the end of the current school year. The Education Committee has interviewed a number of candidates and is taking great care in its deliberations to ensure the right person is appointed. It is hoped that an announcement will be made  as soon as possible.

If you are in school in the coming weeks please feel free to call as Miss Tang, who is off to Hong Kong next September, and I would like to say farewell to as many of our important supporters, you parents, in person as possible.

BIS is very much a family and I am asked most mornings how my new Grandson is fairing, well I am pleased to report after spending a week with him in Cairo he is thriving.

Your sincerely
Peter Yates