BIS Rugby Initiative

Dear Parents,
BIS has teamed up with Family Mobile to take part in their schools' rugby initiative being run here in Lagos. You will be shortly be receiving details of this programme from Family Mobile via your child. We would be most grateful if you would read this and return signed sections to school as soon as possible.
I can imagine those of you who enjoyed rugby at school smiling while those of you who regard it as a rather 'strange' sport looking worried. This programme aims to meet the needs of both groups by teaching the game in a totally NON CONTACT format. Individual players wear a vest with tags, to stop an opposing player you simply grab the tag which is attached to the vest by Velcro. This format allows boys and girls of all ages to play in the same teams without the risk of injury and with no contact. We hope you will support the school in this venture as the game not only requires the development of handling skills, self discipline, teamwork and very importantly thinking skills. Some commentators have described rugby as chess played at high pace as you must learn to read the game.
If you have any questions with regard to this development please feel free to contact the school.
With best wishes
Peter Yates