BIS Message from the Principal - Mr Peter Yates

Dear Parents, students, Colleagues and Friends of BIS,
Many of you will have heard via the rumour mill that it is  my intention to stand down as Principal of the British International School. I am thus writing to confirm that this is indeed the situation and I shall leave the school at the end of the 2014-2015 academic year.
This has not been an easy decision to make as it has been an honour, privilege and great fun to lead this school over the past three years. However, Mrs . Yates and I believe this is the right time for us both to move on for both professional and personal reasons.
Since informing the Education Committee of our decision we have been looking at other opportunities and we will be moving to Malawi in September. We will both be taking up senior posts at Mzuzu International Academy in the north of the country. This school is funded by a US based charity and serves a small number of expatriates and the local community. Over the years Malawi has been ravaged by the curse of HIV infections; many of the students in school are orphans created by this dreadful disease.
Having made this announcement it would be remiss of me not to say thank you to the many members of the school community who have contributed to the successes the school has enjoyed over recent years. Our successes have been the result of a great deal of teamwork involving everyone from members of the Education Committee, academic and support staff colleagues, parents and particularly a very vibrant and active PTA  and most of all the wonderful students we have at this school. I have every confidence that the school will go on to even greater things and my tenure as Principal, hopefully remembered fondly, will just be seen as another step on the road to creating and sustaining the best school in Nigeria and beyond.
We will not be leaving until the end of the current academic year and rest assured we still have a great deal to do. My commitment to the school and our students remains as firm as ever and I will leave with very fond memories of Nigeria and the many friends we have made here- perhaps not too fond memories of the traffic!
With all best wishes and I hope to see as many of you as possible over the coming term.
Peter Yates