BIS Principal's Update 5th January 2015

Dear Parents, Students, Colleagues and Friends of BIS,
Welcome back to school and may I take this opportunity to wish every member of the BIS family a very Happy New Year. As in previous years the school is well positioned to meet the challenges of the coming year and we can look forward to a number of exciting developments in the coming months. A major development will be the opening of the school’s swimming pool in the next month or so, more details of progress on this issue will be available when the contractors report on progress over the next week. It is also our intention to have the school covered by a WIFI system in order to meet the needs and challenges of education in this age of technology.
Later in the year all students in years 7 to 9 will be sitting MidYIS tests online, these tests administered by Durham University in the UK will give us a picture of how our students are performing against international norms, some predictions on their expected chances at IGCSE and very importantly a value added score that will show us how much progress students have made over the year since the last test.
Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Thompson will be announcing this week which Shakespeare play will be presented this term. Now things are back to normal after the disrupted start to last term we hope to have in place a major production just prior to the Easter break.   
In addition to the above BIS students will once again be striving for the highest standards at IGCSE this coming May and June. The first part of this process will be the mock examinations to be held this month. All Year 11 students will be sitting mocks in all their subjects while Year 10 students will sit a mock in English and a small number of them in Maths. Given the exceptional results produced by BIS students over the years they have a hard act to follow but with all our support and encouragement, and providing they play their part fully, there is no reason why our current crop of IGCSE candidates can not enjoy continued success.
On behalf of the Registrar and Accounts Department may I thank all who have already ensured school fees have been covered. The sooner all fees are paid in full the better it is for the operation of our school and avoids any unpleasantness of fee demands having to be sent out. When paying fees at the bank please ensure your child’s name is clearly recorded so we can match information sent by the banks to our records.
At the start of term we will be reminding all students and parents of the school’s expectations with regard to the accepted dress and behaviour codes. BIS, as mentioned above, has very high expectations of all its students in all aspects of school life.
While wanting to start the  New Year on a positive note may I remind all of a number of issues linked to the realities of life. Sadly we cannot trust every member of our community and I would therefore urge all not to place temptation in the way. Students must use their lockers and lock their valuables away. Just abandoning a bag outside a room or near your locker is unacceptable. I have lost count of the number of students who have had their bags ‘taken’ when in fact they have just dropped it. It should also be noted that mobile phones and other such expensive pieces of technology are not allowed in school without the express permission of the Principal. Should any student need to bring such an item to school they should seek permission and make the necessary arrangements for its safe keeping.
At the end of last term we were delighted to see a very large number of parents who came to collect reports and meet teachers. If you were unable to attend and collect reports these  may be collected from the Registrar’s  Office at your convenience. Reports will only be issued to students if parents make the request in writing.
Again welcome back to school  and should you wish to discuss any school issue please feel free to contact my office.
Peter Yates