Why BIS ?

Deciding to move your child to a new school is not an easy decision. There are many aspects of school and home life that need to be taken into account. And this decision does not come down to academic success alone. Your child’s happiness is perhaps the biggest factor when choosing their next school. If they are not happy, they will not learn well. If they are not happy, you will not be happy. If you and your child are not happy, then we, at BIS, will not be happy.

So, beyond the happiness factor, what is it we offer? 

- An education rooted in the British Curriculum
- Continuous education from year 7 through to year 13
- The benefits of a co-curricular education provision that includes: sports, performance, leadership development, creativity, service, communication and co-operation 
- A determination to offer social, academic and pastoral growth to each and every child entrusted to us
- A strong history of achieving well and securing academic success at IGCSE and A level
- Supported and effective transition to schools and universities in the UK, the USA, Canada, among many other countries
- Focussed career and life skills programmes
- And of course, the happy and welcoming atmosphere across the whole school community that is key to every child’s success.

All of the above is achieved by ensuring the school and its classrooms are calm, positive and wholly focussed on the development of each and every student. All of our staff have a firm belief that your child, if you choose us for their education, can and will be the best they can be both academically and socially. 

Our successful COBIS accreditation visit in June 2018, acknowledged the positive parent and student feedback of the school – praising our excellent academic record, the approachability of the staff, how safe the school makes them feel and the ‘true spirit of community and loyalty’ across the school.  

Come and visit us. We have open days at the weekend and smaller, more personal visit time over coffee and cake during the course of the working week (please book these through the Registrar’s department). 

Admissions exams are published on our website and are, from this year, online. Booking is essential and you will be given a timeslot as we must ensure that a computer is available for your child. Again, the Registrar will be able to assist you with this. 

We look forward to meeting you and your child at one of our ‘meet, greet and get to know us days’.